Mini-doc on the recording of the Blazer theme.  The Portland Trailblazers thought their fans would love to see the making of the new Blazer theme.  In keeping with the spirit of the occasion we wore Blazer jerseys and hats.  It was quite an evening. Thanks Chris McMurtry.

Producing at Whiskey Springs, 2005

Producing at Whiskey Springs, 2005

I’m a musician who grew up on rock, jazz, soul, and later learned to love orchestral and choral music.  I have no prejudice for any musical style and appreciate all that’s good and sincere in any form. 

When I lived in LA, I was fortunate enough to discover a private music school, founded by Dick Grove, who had worked for years as a composer in the television business.  All the teachers he enlisted were professional musicians & composers currently working in film and TV.  I wrote for the big band/studio orchestra every week, where I heard and conducted every note I wrote.

Presently, I'm having fun producing my tutorial blogs on arranging and harmony.  I love meeting folks from around the globe who find my tutorials helpful.  It's a good feeling to help those in search for knowledge.

I also enjoy live performance, writing and performing with my band, KING BETA or with my jazz sextet The SEAN+FRED Show.  I also had the honor of touring with the legendary singer-songwriter, John Hiatt.

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