Expanded eBook & Video Scores Vol#1

Hey all,

I hope everyone in our northern hemisphere is doing well through these winter months. We just got through a record breaking snowfall of a foot here in Portland. To my friends in the southern hemisphere, try and stay cool.

I’m excited to get the new ebook and videos done. My wife, Holly, who’s the English-lit major in the family, and not a musician, has been proof reading the book for me. She’s awesome. I’m getting the book and the new videos up on the site and hope everyone finds them worthy. 

In the new ebook I delve deeper into a few subjects that we covered in the free-ebook, and added many more new chapters, with 82 pages total. Plus, in Video-Scores Vol#1, we look at the voicings and arranging concepts of eight arrangements by popular artist, from Tower of Power to Super Sax. 

In the video-scores, we look at in detail, an 8 or 16 bar section. For example,  the intro, and then play the music for that intro. We then move on to letter A, or whatever the next section is, and repeat the process of studying, and hearing the arrangement.

To see exactly what is happening in these scores, and to make it as easy as possible for learning, the video-scores are written in concert pitch on a three staff system, two for the horns and one for chord changes. For a better listening experience and for those who are still working on their reading chops there’s even a bouncing-ball, which is really a transparent rectangle that follows the music as it plays.

Since the studies are done in sections, I’ve included full versions of the audio along with a PDF of the complete score. I also include a little background on the particular piece we’re covering.

My goal is to help you be a better musician and to have fun! We’re all learning all the time. I just learned something new from my brother about Fermatas.

I’ll keep you posted on the release date, hopefully in the next week or so.  
Thanks for subscribing.

51VbGyrxGaL WHITE.jpg

Just finished Maurice White’s biography. If you’re an Earth Wind & Fire fan like I am, you’re love this book. If you’re a band-leader, this book is for you. Maurice passed away this last year at the age of 74 from Parkinson’s Disease.

Being from Memphis TN, Maurice was a drummer first, working as a session musician for Chess Records, playing on a handful of hits you may know. Later while living in Chicago Maurice became the drummer for the Ramsey Louis Trio. After a three year stint, he would quit the trio to start Earth Wing & Fire.

From the beginning he knew the name of the band, and the message he wanted to portray. He was very stoic as a band leader, but was into collaboration, and always credited his band mates for the contributions they made as individuals.

EW&F was jazz, soul, latin and pop. Maurice was into a World-Vide. He was all about the-vibe. Check out this book. You’ll love it.