Jazz & R&R Horns session 10

Good morning everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well in these Fall months. We have a lot of kids on our block and in a few nights it will be fun seeing them all in their Halloween costumes.  A big bowl of candy left over from the night before will be all I need.

This week is lesson 10, where we start getting into passing chords. There are a few types, and the first we will discuss is the "Diatonic" or "2" passing chord, built around the 2 minor chord.

Have been busy recording and mixing some new tracks for my jazz sextet. I've found that recording horns can be a challenge in finding the right mic set up. Horns have a tendency of to sound harsh and midrange or honky. Today I was reading that ribbon mics work well for horns. If any of you have a mic that you like for recording horns, let me know.

Would love to hear from you in the comment section.

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