Jazz & R&R Horns session 11

Good morning everyone,

This week in lesson 11 we continue our look at passing chords with the diminished passing. Typically I use this one when all else fails because diminished doesn't define key-center and is rather ghostly in color, but is handy at times.

In other news, The Sean+Fred Show Sextet is still busy working in the studio on the new tracks and on Friday at Ivories Jazz Lounge we performed "Pink & Powder Blue" for the first time. The band needed something uptempo in 3, so I wrote this one out in 6/8 and it turned out surprisingly well. Hard to know about a tune until you run it through it's paces.  One of my favorites that are working on is Sean's "Cloudburst." His scat on this is something to behold. Simply awesome.

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Have a great week.