Jazz & R&R Horns session 13

Good morning Everyone.

This week in session 13 we approach the end of our discussion of passing chords,
with a quick review and one finale concept.

We are well on our way through the 1st part of December and soon it we be 2014.
December is always a busy time for music and I hope you're all having lots of fun holiday gigs.  Last Friday we had my wife Holly's, annual Birthday Bash.  My band KING BETA played and she provided the champagne. The party was at The O'Connor's Vault here in Portland. Steve, the best owner I've ever worked for, called to say he was putting up 2 boxes of Xmas lights for the party. Cool!

We have sessions 14 and 15 left to complete what's covered in the ebook on horn arranging.  After we get through these I'd like to take a look at "Chord Families."  This is a very clear approach to understanding how chords work. This may also make it easier for some to understand the concepts of the previous videos.

Received some very nice comments from some of you. Thank you so much. They make my mornings.