Jazz & R&R Horns, session 7

In session 7 we take our 2nd look at 5 part writing with "A," or "Drop 2" voicing.

It's really hard to watch yourself explain stuff on camera, so it was hard at first to watch these tutorials when editing. By now, at session 7, I feel I'm finally learning how to come across, so I feel more conformable.

Anyway, don't forget to subscribe and get the new e-Book on  "Jazz & Rock & Roll Horns." Please comment. Anything you would like to add? We are all learning.

The best thing to do, is to writing something, get some horn players and a rhythm section together and play your stuff.  It's important to hear what you're writing. We're going to get specifically on how to write a chart, so if you wanna till after that..... that's cool.

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