Jazz & R&R Horns, Session 25

First let me clarify. In the introduction I referred to this video as session 24.  It is in fact session 25.  Again we look at alternating triads and polychords, but in this session we look at a minor key.  Not only are these techniques great for your arranging, but a great avenue to explore your soloing options when dealing with stagnate (1 chord) chord progressions.

Can you believe its the Holidays....again?  We just had it!  The years wait for no one.  December's always good for lots of gigs - we hope.  On another note, my hometown college football team (American style), the Oregon Ducks are ranked #2 in the country and could play for the national championship. When I was growing up they were not good and were lucky to win half their games, so this is very exciting for everyone, even for a few Oregon St. Beavers, their arch rival.

Looking forward to a super-excellent holiday this year and I hope you and yours have a wonderful celebration with lots of love and good music.  

Till the next time, thanks for stopping by.