Jazz & R&R Horns Session 18

Is session 18, we get into some simple counterpoint with the tune "Dolphin Dance."  You could orchestrate these same two voices/notes with many different combinations: humans, strings, winds, guitars, ext. Whatever color you like.  

Along with unison/octaves and harmony, you now have another tool in your toolbox.
I like writing in a linear fashion. It gives the music more transparency. One of the coolest things I wrote for big band was two parts, dividing the whole band up in two sections. It was big and airy.

For us who live in the northern hemisphere we are heading into the Summer months. For some of us this means outdoor gigs in the park, beautiful sunshine, and lots of people watching.

Don't forget, I like hearing from you, so let me know if you have any questions or input. Would love to hear it.
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