Jazz & R&R Horns Session 20

In Session 20, we get into writing for 3 voices. A few of you had questions regarding 3 part writing and I hope I have answered those questions in this tutorial.

In some cases, 3 part writing can be more of a challenge than 4 or 5 part writing when it comes to defining chords with upper extensions like, 9, +11, b13, etc.

3 part writing is very common for smaller groups with horn sections and/or vocals. Unless you're writing a jazz or bebop chart with a lot big jazz chords, you'll mostly be writing in block or closed voicing. There are times when you'll want to open up your voicing to keep your tenor instruments in the fat part of their range.

Here in the northern hemisphere we are enjoying the long days of summer.  Lots of festivals, outdoor gigs and plenty of people watching. I love it.

At this very moment, my wife Holly, is planning a big party for late July. She's a garden designer, so we have a beautiful backyard. I set up PA, drums, and keyboards for all my musician friends who come with their instruments... and a side dish. We provide the keg, wine and cocktails.  Should be a great time.  I'll share a few photos or video with y'all.

Don't forget to send me any questions you may have. I love hearing from everyone. Was just discussing dominant passing chords with my new friend Harold in the UK. I love communicating with everyone across the globe.

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