Jazz & R&R Horns, Session 26

Happy New Year!  Hope you and yours had a fabulous New Years.

My New year's gig this year was over on the coast at Chinook Winds Casino with The Moes, the 12 piece.  The band was a lot fun, as always, but the casino stank!  Apparently the Chinook Indian Tribe, who own and run the Casino can do whatever they want.  So smoking is legal in parts of the casino.  Walking through the slot machines was like strolling through a giant ashtray, and I use to smoke!   Will be eight years February first.  My wife, Holly was able to join me for the beautiful drive to the casino in Lincoln City that sits on the Oregon Coast.  There's a small mountain pass that you have to go over which is beautiful and interesting anytime of the year. 

Anyway, Session 26 is for now, the last video on Polychords.  We get into how I like to use them when playing piano.

Here's to a healthy and prosperous New Year, and thanks for hangin with me in 2014.