Analyzing Horn Chart #2

It seems I always do things in multiples. So here's a second video that I just put together for our new song, "The Bird Sing, from The SEAN+FRED Show's new self titled CD.  The song was born out of the piano riff in 7/4 that starts the tune.

To set the tone or vibe that I wanted, I wrote some counterpoint for the trumpet and tenor sax that happens midway through the chorus or B section, and at the end. I wanted the tune to have a bit of a classical tone over the 7/4 rhythm. Except for the end of the chorus the trumpet is mostly in the staff throughout the tune.

I've provided a score for you to check out. Like the song from the previous blog this was arranged for trumpet and tenor sax, and like the last score this one is also in concert pitch for learning purposes.

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