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How many times have I heard, "I love horns," when folks in the crowd see my horn players setting up their gear.  I know there are many of you out there that would love to incorporate horns into your band, but need a little help getting started.  Having a horn section in your rock, r&b, or jazz group can really enhance your music, and add to your live performance. Plus, they're
a lot of fun.

A simple approach to arranging horns for your jazz or rock & roll band

Introduction  •  2 part writing  •  3 part writing  •  4 & 5 part writing  •   Passing chords  •  A few tricks  •  Chart layout
Transposing and preparing parts  •  Range of instruments Articulations and dynamic markings  •  A few notes

I like your content. I've really enjoy the way you explain the matter regarding small ensemble arranging. Actually the video of two voices gave me an idea on how to approach a song I'm working with. I'm emailing you because I'd like to receive your ebook.  Thanks in advanced for your hard work and dedication. Freddy from Puerto Rico. 

Thanks, this is great! A bass player and I have been kicking around a new project, and we had the discussion last night as to how to arrange horn parts. Viola! I find Fred Stickley! Joe

Right now its two, saxophone and trombone, but we are wanting to host a jazz jam and hoping to more out of the woodworks. I live in the middle of Texas where you can throw a rock in any direction and hit a guitar player. Piano players and horn players are like sasquatch. You hear rumors of them, but no one has really seen one. Joe

I would love to subscribe to your newsletter and receive your ebook. I'm looking forward to begin learning how to arrange horns since I just got a gig with a very very famous living legend to play trombone in his group. Perhaps I could start learning to write parts. Thank you for your videos! Al

I write electronic music and I started incorporating live horns in my mix. This has helped tremendously. Thank you. Flavio

thanks so much for the reply fred! it helped me immensely, as will your ebook (i have watched most of your youtube channel, it's FANTASTIC!).

Thanks for taking your time to revise my arrangement and do the fabulous work you did. I have no words to thank you for this.  Your correction have been very useful for me, I really appreciate it.  I ll do all this advise you have given me.  Sincerely, Nelson

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These tutorials assume that you already have some knowledge of chords and harmony and how to notate.  If not, there are other websites that can help with this.  Depending on the feedback I get, I might delve into this a bit myself.

We are going to only cover material that is necessary for you to accomplish your goal as a band leader or singer songwriter who wishes to have a kick ass horn section.  My old teacher back in the day use to say, "it ain't rocket science."  And he was right.  So let's get started.