Thank you so much for doing your horns blog.  I'm a sax/flute player and have been a member of a onsite music collaboration website call  I've been trying to learn how to write some horn arrangements for funk songs on Kompoz, but as a horn player and only basic music theory have struggled.  The other day I was searching for horn writing tips and I found your website.  Your blogs have been amazingly helpful. Thank you for taking the time and please don't stop. 
Thanks for sharing, Mr Stickley...I feel my arranging chops are getting better and better..(I think i'm writing music with more confidence) By the way, i'm interested in your arranging workshop... please post the fees and dates...greetings from Mexicali (Mexico)
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84 pages packed with good stuff to get you on your way. Included is, Video Scores Vol#1. We'll study the horn arrangements of various popular groups and how the techniques we covered in the ebook apply to these arrangements. The videos will help you with ideas for your own writing and will reinforce the way horns are used for their strengths.

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