Song Form
Plural Substitutes
Chordal Movement Pentatonic Scales
Passing Chords
Blues Scales
4th Chords
Alternating Triads Secondary Dominant
Time Signatures
Chart Layout

My intent for writing this ebook on songwriting is to give you a clear method for understanding melody and harmony as it applies in the real world. This ebook is loaded with techniques that you can immediately use in your songwriting.

When I searched the internet for topics on songwriting, I found content on lyric writing, marketing your music through social media, how to go on the road, and how to produce great tracks, but very little on the nuts and bolts of how to write a musically well constructed song beyond C, F, and G. Not that there's anything wrong with that. :)

What I do find is fragmented and scattered in bits and pieces. I’ve seen YouTube videos where they teach you that A major has three sharps, or how to finger an F sharp minor chord, but not how they relate to each other. In this book I teach you how it all works together. Music is all about relationships. Everything is connected.

Every technique that I show you in this book will have two examples. The first will be in the key of C, because it’s the easiest to visualize on piano. The second example will be in a random key to help you further understand the concept. Keep in mind that whatever I show you, invariably you’ll find an exception—that’s the way it is with any art form.

For expediency, I would first suggest you learn the material in the keys that you are most comfortable writing in, then learn the material in all twelve keys.

If you have any questions please email me through my website and I’ll be happy to help.