Know your arrangement will work when faced by a man eating horn section!


6 week Horn Arranger's Workshop

Hearing what you write is a must and streaming is where it's at

Write 3 horn arrangements
Have them played by great musicians 
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When I attended Dick Grove Music Workshop, a jazz school in Los Angels, to study writing and arranging with the best in the business, every Tuesday was "Chart Day." A live group of musicians would play your arrangement.
We had a week to write a specific assignment, for a particular style, and for how many instruments.  Each person was given a time that their chart would be played and recorded, and everyone was encouraged to listen to everyone else's chart.  You had 20 minutes on the stand for a first run through, a check for notes or trouble spots, and a final run through, reproducing the realities of the television and film industry.  It was a great experience to hear your notes come flying off the page, and to get Dick's critique.

Because of the understanding and insight this experience has given me, I would like to complement my online tutorials with this workshop concept. With the capabilities of the internet and live video streaming, I am now offering a Horn Arranger's Workshop

• Hear what you write

• Hear what your classmates write

• Improve your knowledge of harmony  

• Hear a critique of your work

• Study your video & critique your score

• Work faster "for hire"

"Hi Fred, I would willingly have paid for your videos. Someone needed to systematise the basics and while I'm only at session 5 you seem to be doing a hell of a job :) All hail the egg timer.  I've signed up and if you had published this in book form I'd buy it to acknowledge a job well done!" Regards, ~ Paul 

"Thank you very much Mr. Stickley. I am currently enjoying your online sessions very much. I find them very informative and priceless for musicians wanting to learn the art/secrets of brass arranging." Ricardo

"Thank You Fred, All your videos are very informative. You got the best tutorials for horns on Youtube." ~ Ramin

"Hi Fred, Thanks a lot. I've enjoyed spending time with you on YouTube working through the 22 episodes. I wanted to get into making my horn arrangements more interesting but had no clear idea where to start. Your tutorials have been amazingly helpful, easy to follow, and fun! You have a great talent for explaining things. Hope you plan to put a few more up there. Keep on jazzing!" All the best. ~ Colin

The only way to quickly understand these concepts is to hear what you write

Know your Stuff and be confident 

Assignment #1 August 18, 2015 - 1pm Pacific Time
Email charts to me no later than Saturday, August 15

Write for 2 horns - trumpet, tenor sax, with piano and bass.
For this chart, incorporate unisons, octaves, 3rds, 6ths, and counterpoint.  Try using a different technique for each section of your piece.

Assignment #2 September 1, 2015 - 1pm Pacific Time
Email charts to me no later than Saturday, August 29

Write for 5 horns - trumpet, alto sax, tenor sax, trombone, bari sax, with piano and bass.  Use octaves, block harmony, drop 1 & 2, open voicing, free lead, and the various passing chords we covered in the ebook.

Assignment #3 September 15, 2015 - 1pm Pacific Time
Email charts to me no later than Saturday, September 12

Write for 3 horns - trumpet, tenor sax, and trombone, with piano and bass. Writing for 3 voices can be harder than for 5 when you're working with chords that have 9ths, 11ths, and 13ths.   

In general, use dynamic markings and rehearsal marks.  Lay out your chart so that the beginning of each section starts at the left margin.
Do not overwrite.  Keep it simple and write something nice and tasty.  Whole notes and rests are good. 

The piece you write should have a short intro, a 32 bar form, (give or take) and a short outro. No solos.  You would then provide me the concert score on 3 staves, treble and bass for the trumpet and tenor parts, and a 3rd staff for bass and piano. Make sure to include the chord changes so we know what we're looking at.  This will make it easier to critique and to learn from during the class.  

You will copy the individual parts and email the score and the parts to me as pdf files.  I will be printing them out for the live streaming performance. If possible, try to use Finale or a similar software.  Your only horn that's in concert, is the trombone, so don't forget to transpose all your other parts off the concert score.

Each chart will have roughly 20 minutes total, for a first run through to check for notes and problem spots, and a second final run through.  We would then discuss what we just heard with a general critique of your work from me.  I will give you an embed code/address of the video to use on your website.  Before the live stream I will upload everyone's concert score onto my website, so everyone can follow along to the video.  Being that this will cover time zones around the world, and unless some of you like to stay up all hours, the video stream will be recorded for later viewing on my website.


I can help you through the process.  Email me your questions, and on Mondays and Thursdays in the morning Pacific time, I will answer emails verbally through a podcast on my website.  I will read your name and email and answer your question verbally as best I can.  I think I could do a better job of explaining my ideas verbally.

I love your ability to teach with good humor, and making it easy. I play the alto sax, I would like to record at least three voices.
Merci for all this advice.  Charles R.

Thanks for your fantastic video lessons! I've been watching all of them and looking forward for the next ones. Really appreciate what you are doing to help musicians grow!
Cheers, Yordan, Bulgaria

Thanks for the kindness! Your videos has been very helpful for me! Thanks really.. Good vibes from Puerto Rico. Joey

Hi Fred ! Thank you for your videos. I never miss them. Your teaching is good for 2 reasons. First, it comes from a great musician and your examples are rich and second, you teach in a funny way. Faon 

6 week Horn arranger's Workshop $699

Space is limited.  Reserve your spot now. 

Sign-up no later than August 1, 2015

I guarantee it will be a unique learning experience  to hear all your notes come flying off the page.  It will be satisfying and nervy all at the same time.

If you're serious about horn arranging and want to have confidence in what you write, then you should do this.

Let's do it !
Someone please count it off !

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Thanks for sharing, Mr Stickey...I feel my arranging chops are getting better and better..(I think i'm writing music with more confidence) By the way, i'm interested in your arranging workshop... please post the fees and dates...greetings from Mexicali (Mexico) ~ Raul

I'm very grateful for those amazing videos you've uploaded about horn arrangements. It's an invaluable resource for musicians like me who are living in a country where there are no places that teach or people to learn music arranging from. Very happy to have found your website. 
Thank You. ~ Leslie, India

I am so appreciative of your videos and your channel as a whole! So insightful and so well taught, thanks a million doc! ~ Myron

Your videos immediately made sense and validated what I was hearing.  I've learned more in 30 minutes than I've known up to this point. Thanks for your work and for sharing it. Cheers, ~ Rick