"Talented, original and entertaining" 
Susan R.

"Thanks for the fun tunes & entertainment. What a fabulous group of players.  That was a real treat." Kate

"King Beta was a BLAST!  As far as we are concerned, we want to see them every time they are performing!"

"My wife and I love you guys....you're music is awesome ....and last month you sounded even better than in Feb!  Let me say that everything you play, you play perfectly and every song is excellent!!!  And me being a drum lover....I have hardly seen a drummer play as well, with such impeccable timing, as Ward does! 


This was our 2nd gig at Duff's Garage who had just moved over to the east side of Portland. Nice big stage with plenty of dance floor, and the crowd rocked it out. Thanks Chrissy Faith for catching this bit of excitement on my iphone.


KB J100 Suzie 2017.jpg

Fred Stickley, singer songwriter and producer along with his band, KING BETA releases his third CD, Amherst Recordings.  The new release is a collection of songs in the style of Jazz, Rock and Americana.  While touring with legendary songwriter,  John Hiatt, Fred learned early in his career the meaning of a well-crafted song, the importance of a good lyric married to the right melody.  The hymnal rock piece “Orion in the Sky," reunites Fred with his old band mate John Mahon, vocalist and percussionist for Elton John.

The lion’s share of the CD is a collaboration with New Jersey native and published poet, Michael Kalavik, who’s brilliant commentaries on love, sex and war were the beginnings of what would become some of Fred’s best songwriting – Eyes of a Miner, Autumn’s Blessing, If The War Goes On.

KING BETA is Ward Griffith on drums, Jon Hughes on bass, Mike Doolin on guitars, and Suzie Elstad on vocal. Fred Stickley plays keyboards and sings.


The song Portland OH Portland was a result of the musical Bridgetown. The video was shot at a KING BETA performance at The O’Connor’s Vault, and also features photos I shot around downtown Portland. The historic photos were taken from the Wikipedia website



Performing one of our own songs, "He Gonna Lie" at The O'Connor's Vault in beautiful Multnomah Village.



Girly Red is a song we perform with KING BETA and is me having fun with my new green screen.


A reggae tune about Summertime on southern California beaches. music & lyrics by Fred Stickley. Vocals, Christie Bradley

King Beta O'Connors 6-14-13 B&W.jpg

KING BETA at O'Connors 6/14/13.  Suzie singing "No One Knows" written by me.  We had a packed house and we really stunk it up good. Love this photo by Kirsten L'Heureux.  Mike on his "Doolin-7string."  Many thanks to Steve Arel.