"King Beta was a BLAST!  
As far as we're concerned we want to see you every time you're performing!"  Mark R.

"My wife and I love you guys....you're music is awesome.  Let me say that everything you play, you play perfectly and every song is excellent!!!  Ron K.  

"Talented, original, and entertaining" 
Susan R.


KING BETA LtoR: Fred Stickley, keys & vocals • Jon Hughes • Ward Griffiths, drums • Suzie Elstad, vocals • Mike Doolin, guitars & vocals

KING BETA's original music and dance covers, influenced by their love of r&b, blues, jazz, and rock, have attracted a loyal following of fans who love their songs and left handed cover tunes.

The O'Connor's Vault
7850 SW Capitol Hwy Portland, OR 97219
Jan 19  -  Feb 16  -  Mar 16
Apr 20  -  May 24 - June 15  
7:30 - 10:30 - $10 cover



Hey Fred, it’s really great! I love the groove I love the idea of the song…
I thought it was about my beard. LOL. Good work brother and I mean it. 
Peace and love, Mark Hudson,  Producer for Ringo Starr, Aerosmith, Harry Nilsson, Celine Deon

Absolutely fantastic song, performance and video. Enjoyed jazzy vibes very much. Brilliant playing and singing, very inspiring to watch and listen to!!!  Warm greetings, Nadia