Session 21 is our first 'Mailbag'.  I thought it would be a good time to answer some of the emails I've been getting.  Though I try to respond to all your questions asap, I think it's a good idea to share with everyone so we can all benefit.

Portland Trailblazer's theme music for broadcast. Broadcast opener. 45sec edit of 2min15sec.

This was KING BETA's  2nd gig at Duff's Garage who had just moved over to the east side of Portland. Nice big stage with plenty of dance floor, and the crowd rocked it out. Thanks Chrissy Faith for shooting this for us on my iphone.

Was a great night for KING BETA at Duff's Garage.  Hope to be back soon. A great room - just the right size. I think we rock em well. Thanks Suzie.

KING BETA at O'Connors 6/14/13.  Suzie singing "No One Knows" written by me.  We had a packed house and we really stunk it up good. Love this photo by Kirsten L'Heureux.  Mike on his "Doolin-7string."  Many thanks to Steve Arel.