Like their name simply implies The SEAN+FRED Show is a show and a really great one at that!  Highly entertaining, these skilled musicians have put together a show featuring famed jazz, pop and R&B tunes from eras past and present, and will have you humming, dancing, reminiscing and romancing! You will love the soulful sound of vocalist Sean Holmes amplified by the great vocal harmonies and piano playing of Fred Stickley and their rhythm section is (sorry just don't know how else to say this) kick ass! Lisa Learn (owner)

Thanks so much for the incredible music this last weekend.  It was the biggest night of the year for the Restaurant Five-O-Three, and the vibe from the band was a big part of our success.  In my opinion, The FRED+SEAN Show was probably the best-sounding group that has performed at Five-0-Three all year.  You guys really sounded tight.  I had so many guests tell me how great the band was.  I need to have you guys back as soon as I can.   Cheers, John McEwan (owner)

The Friday performance of The SEAN+FRED Show, created the perfect jazz-club ambiance, and folks basked in the atmosphere they created. Never too loud, and often with recognizable tunes. Real entertainers.   Jim Templeton,  Jazz Pianist & Co-Owner of Ivories Jazz Lounge, Portland OR

The Sean+Fred Show are certain to light up the place with their great vocals and dynamic horn & rhythm driven band. This group always puts on a great show. So come out and if you're lucky enough to have Friday off, enjoy sleeping in the next morning!"  Lisa Learn, Christo's owner  


For booking: 
503 283-1040

Hey Fred,   
Congrats Brother! I Love It! Great Record Man! I Only Hope You Are As Proud Of It As I Am Of You."
Peace And Love,  Mark Hudson  
— Producer For Aerosmith, Ringo Starr, Celine Dion

The Album Is Great!
Sekoynia Wright, Radio Host, Kboo

Out Of Your Music, I Choose “Bird” And One Or The Other.. What A Great Song That Is!!!! 
— Inessa Anderson, Program Director At Portland Radio Project 99.1Fm

The Record Is Terrific! Fun Song Writing. Great Sound You’re Getting In Your Studio. 
Valerie Day, Nu Shooz